Since beginning operation in 1997, Alarm Solutions has been successfully designing, installing and maintaining access control systems for both large and small commercial businesses, as well as high-end residential properties.

The state-of-the-art access systems that are available today provide building managers and homeowners with secure and convenient technology that will enable accurate movement control of authorised persons through any physical access point — doors, gates, turnstiles, parking ramps, lifts, and more.  

Alarm Solutions can cater for a complete range of access control installations. Whether you need strict control for a single access point, or a multi-site, multi-access point system, we have the experience and expertise to plan, install, and maintain an effective system that is perfect for your specific requirements.

We only install the best electronic access control equipment, including leading Australasian products such as Inner Range Concept, Integriti and Inception.


    Download a copy of our InnerRange Inception Access Control brochure.
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    Download a copy of our InnerRange Integriti Access Control brochure.
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    Alarm Solutions' access control features include:
    • Seamless integration of intruder alarm and access control ability
    • Use of either proximity cards, key ring fob or smartphone technology
    • Vast assortment of locking devices to suit any access point
    • Integration with CCTV and digital video technologies
    • Powerful and flexible programming of user access control rights
    • End user system management software solutions
    • Comprehensive reporting of user access and egress movements
    • Technology leasing options available
    • iOS and Android connectivity
    • IQP Registered for access door testing
    • Processing of Local Body PS1, PS3 and 12A form for access control
    • Management of Local Body access control system 'Exemption from Building Consent' applications.